Can you see yourself, or someone you know

 in the following characters? 


Our organisation is expanding so I've been tasked with a major recruitment drive.  I've got the paperwork side under control (adverts, application packs etc.) but I need help with all the interviews.

If only there was someone experienced and skilled at interviewing who could join me on the panel.

The solution

Ta dah! 

As if by magic, here I am.


I've recruited excellent people for:

  • my own teams

  • colleagues' teams

  • clients' teams.

I'm known for providing a welcoming and professional interview experience for candidates, along with the skill to pick out who'll be star performers.


Our CEO has asked me to arrange a conference for staff from all three of our sites.  I've successfully organised smaller events before but nothing on this scale.  Plus I've never had to come up with the conference content too.


Part of me is excited at the opportunity but the other part of me is freaking out!

Where on earth do I start?

The solution

Don't fret, help is at hand.

I've put together engaging conference programmes for commercial and charitable organisations, plus I've run over 100 events.  I can give you whatever level of support you need, such as:

  • Coaching you to develop the programme, or compiling the programme for you,

  • Providing checklists and advice on organising the event

  • Providing event management expertise at the conference.


I’ve been asked to chair a meeting, involving a number of different organisations.  The aim is to reach a consensus on a project.  It’s going to be a nightmare, everyone has different opinions and agendas.  As I’m from one of the organisations with a stake in the project, whatever I say is going to be seen as biased.

The solution

No problem.

I have many years' experience of successfully facilitating and chairing meetings, where we started with different opinions but left with shared solutions.

Having an external facilitator is a worthwhile investment, freeing you up to really listen to others in the meeting (rather than having your head constantly running over what to say or do next!).


One of my managers has just handed her notice in.  Her team is right in the middle of a high-profile project.  I need to focus on writing our strategic plan for the Board.  How can I do this, plus keep the project running smoothly and recruit a new manager???

The solution

Fear not, I can help by:


  • providing interim line management of the team, keeping everything on track whilst you concentrate on the strategic plan

  • handling whichever elements of the selection process you want to delegate

  • being an experienced, external member of the interview panel.


Our charity put in two funding bids.  Both have been successful.  This is brilliant news but the funders want the projects to start immediately.  I now need to recruit an additional project manager which will take time.  In the interim we’ve got to get the projects off the ground.

The solution

Panic over,  I can:

  • set up the project

  • provide interim project management

  • help recruit the permanent project manager.


I don’t even have the head-space to work out what I need.  I’m firefighting every day and doing silly hours to try and stay on top of things. 

The solution

You might not want to hear this...but the only way your situation will change is if you take some time to step back.  I know, you are probably screaming that you just don’t have the time, but you do, and you need to.


Think about it, if you worked another 3 hours next month would it get you back on track?  No?  Then invest that time in coaching which will help you find realistic ways to reduce the workload you are battling.

So how does Pressurevalve Projects help?

As you'll have seen from the scenarios above, there's a range of ways Pressurevalve Projects can help you.

The best thing is to get in touch via .  We'll then arrange a time to discuss your specific needs.

You can also visit the services page for a little more flavour of the ways I can support you.  (If you can't see what you need, just email and I’ll let you know if I can help.  If I can’t, I’ll aim to put you in touch with someone who can).

Did you know?

Pressurevalve can also release pressure through a range of coaching solutions for individuals and teams.  Providing vital head-space and expert coaching to help you achieve your goals.  Visit for more info.